Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How's the Weather?

Like this:

Stepped outside to head back to the Element, parked a block away. Damn near died crossing the street: after half a block I could feel my flesh solidify, and by the time I reached the vehicle I had to slam my hands against the dashboard to restore feeling. My jaw hurt. A thin scrim of ice covered my eyeballs. I hit the highway and shivered for five miles; occasionally the wind picked up the Element and moved it an inch to the left, an inch to the right. Just funnin’ with you, son.

That is exactly how my ride to work was this morning. I went into the Walmart last night (by the way, I love Walmart. Nowhere else on Earth allows me to buy 4 large bath towels and 16 washcloths for less than 20 dollars... which makes me more wealthy) and it was a pleasant 35 degrees with a mild wind. By the time I exited the building the wind had picked up to about 35 miles per hour and the wind chill had to be -10.

Ah, life in Wisconsin is grand.

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