Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Many say that life is a journey but I'm more inclined to believe it is a series of journeys and I just completed a major one.

As of last night, I completed my final course work for my Associates of Science degree focusing in Computer Programming and Analysis. I already have a career in this field but the degree was a prerequisite of keeping this job.

When I started school in 2004 my life was a disaster. I had just ended a serious relationship in a very painful and awful way. I was dealing with it the wrong way and ended up in some legal and medical trouble. That lead to me finally losing my job. Everything was as dark as it had ever been.

My father said, "Go to school. Just go." So I went.

And soon after I got a job as a bartender with one of the kindest women I've ever known. My instructors were supportive and I excelled at classes. I went on to get involved in student organizations and became President of AITP in Kenosha. It wasn't long until I got an internship programming for a multi-billion dollar corporation and then the learning really started.

And now here I am. The journey was incredible and has come to a wonderful conclusion.

But as you might expect, life has in store for me a few more adventures and a major one will be starting soon. It seems I will be a father in less than one month. The circumstances of this event could be much better (I am not even friends with the mother at this point... more on that another time) but I have reached the level of eager anticipation I find many fathers have.

But the most obvious change to you, my idiot readers, is that I now have a lot of free time and nothing to fill it with. Know what that means?

This moron blog is back in action!


chaika said...

Congratulations on all of those things.

chaika said...

Forgot to ask. Boy or girl?

Moron Pundit said...


Looks like it will be a girl.

I just can't wait for 2025.

Here's to shotguns, anyway.