Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Word Service Needs Scare Quotes

One of my major pet peeves at Coyote Blog:
Once you have collected all my information via an automated system, it is just going to piss me off when your human operator picks up the line and proceeds to ask me for this same information again. I know this seems to be the current industry standard, as practiced by every company from Citibank to Domino's Pizza, but I can assure you it is incredibly annoying and, perhaps worse for you, introduces me to your organization with the initial impression that you do not know what you are doing. So, either find a way to put the information you have gathered up on the customer service agent's screen, or don't have an automated system gather it.

My average experience starts with that but then after I select "Billing Concerns" and bring my billing concern to the Indian lady's attention (after repeating all my data) she regretfully informs me that I have to call a different number.

10: A number that asks for all my personal data again after a massive menu tree.

20: A number that passes me to another Indian lady who asks for all my personal data.

30: An Indian lady that once again informs me she can't help me.

40: Goto 10

This is why I do almost all of my service through the internet if I can.

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