Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cower Before My Colossal Influence!

After this post, the U.S. Government has been spurred to action:
The United States is appealing to Turkey and Iraq to work together against terrorism following recent attacks in Turkey attributed to the Iraq-based Kurdish extremist group, the PKK. The Turkish government says it has approved all necessary measures, including a possible incursion into Iraq to deal with the issue. VOA's David Gollust reports from the State Department.

The prospect of a large-scale Turkish incursion into the relatively-peaceful Kurdish region of northern Iraq is an alarming scenario for the Bush administration.

Officials here are renewing calls for the Turkish and Iraqi governments to work cooperatively against the Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK, following attacks attributed to the group in the past few days that have killed 15 Turkish soldiers and a number of civilians.

Sean McCormack (file photo)
The United States considers the Kurdistan Workers Party to be a terrorist organization and the State Department issued a statement late Monday condemning the latest attack - saying PKK violence not only threatens Turkey, but undermines the security and welfare of Iraq.

Let the job offers from major punditry providers commence!

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