Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blogging Is For Suckers

Make this blog number 4. Lucky number 4. First there was A Byflux of Convulation. Off to a bad start. Then there was Chaos Central which actually received some regulars, Instalanches and nailed an interview with Jeff Goldstein. Not too shabby.

Then there was Waking the Giant. That got some attention from Dan Collins but never amounted to much after the Scandi thing.

Fucking blogging.

But I've got the bug. Can't help it. I have all this random shit I want to scream into these tubes and you poor people are just unlucky enough to be in my crosshairs.

I realized during the publication of Waking The Giant that I didn't swear enough nor did I have the ability to maintain a theme for a blog or, in effect, produce anything of any quality. I was always happiest blogging during the Chaos Central days when I mostly just swore as much as possible and uploaded pictures of nuclear bombs exploding. Now those were the days.

So, back to basics. Fuck shit damnit:


God, I feel better already.

Seriously, don't bother coming back.


CBT said...

Fucking great post. And I always love a good picture of nuclear energy at work. Keep up your rant.

Greasy Moron said...

Hey, I'll keep the ranting going as long as somebody is stupid enough to read them.

I mean, thanks.

chaika said...

I was wondering what the hell happened to Waking The Giant.

Greasy Moron said...

I got tired of pretending to be a mature adult.

Its just fart jokes and explosions for me from now on.

That and endless, overwhelming profanity.