Friday, October 26, 2007

Ask a Moron: Halloween Costumes

Chaika writes:
What would be the most politically-incorrect, divisive, subversive and inflammatory Halloween Costume for this year?

Well, considering your appearance only one thing comes to mind. Unfortunately, you already did that:

Muhammad is a bit of a hot head...

So how do you outdo possibly the most offensive (to a certain peaceful subsection of the population) Halloween costume ever? I don't think this Moron can but I'll toss out some suggestions (these will all be an attempt to work in that phenomenal beard):

Luciano Pavoratti's Corpse:

Now, this isn't divisive or subversive but I give it points in the politically-incorrect and inflammatory categories.

One of Hillary Clinton's Hirsute Body Parts:
This one wins in the divisive, politically incorrect and inflammatory categories but isn't particularly subversive. Obviously, with the beard you'd be implying some very interesting things about whatever body part you chose. Also, this would be quite difficult to pull off. Even if you did a good job you'd be constantly asked to explain it and would probably get kicked out of parties.

Guantanamo Prisoner(Converted to Christianity):
Here's a win! First you've got the incredibly politically incorrect conversion from a victim religion to a dominant, oppressor religion. Second, it is divisive because Guantanamo can't be discussed in polite company. Third, you are subversive because it implies that evangelism is a good weapon against terrorism. Obviously, to the right people this would be quite inflammatory as well.

The Moron has spoken.

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chaika said...

Those are some good ones. For Pavoratti I would have needed a trim, and for Clinton-Bush I would have had to walk on my hands all night. I ended up going with a loose interpretation of the Captain Spaulding character from Devil's Rejects. Sort of took this year off really. I'll post pictures when I get them.